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February 27, 2024

Construction Update

We’re excited to provide you with the latest construction update on The Park on Ke`eaumoku. Your future homes are progressing steadily, and we’re thrilled to share the milestones achieved!

Liona Tower Updates:

  • Floor Pouring: Next week, we are scheduled to pour the concrete for the 28th floor, marking significant progress in the construction of Liona Tower.
  • Window Installation: Currently, window installation is underway on the 21st floor, enhancing the exterior and bringing us closer to completion.
  • Drywall Installation: The installation of drywall on the 17th floor is in progress, shaping the interior spaces and defining the layout of each unit.
  • Bathroom Tile Work: On the 10th floor, the meticulous work of bathroom tile installation is ongoing, ensuring quality and elegance in every detail.
  • Cabinet Installation: Progressing steadily, cabinet installation has commenced on the 7th floor, adding functionality and style to your future kitchen spaces.
  • Flooring and Appliance Installation: Excitingly, on the 3rd floor, we are installing flooring and appliances, bringing us one step closer to the completion of your dream homes.

Rycroft Tower Updates:

  • Floor Pouring: Similar progress is being made at Rycroft Tower, with the pouring of the 23rd floor scheduled for next week, further solidifying the structure of the building.
  • Window Installation: Window installation is progressing smoothly on the 14th floor, contributing to the modern aesthetics of Rycroft Tower.
  • Drywall Installation: On the 6th floor, drywall installation is well underway, shaping the interior spaces and defining the layout of each unit.

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